Sustainable & responsible

Sensus believes firmly in corporate social responsibility. As a manufacturer of the healthy food ingredient inulin, Sensus processes the agricultural raw material chicory. Sustainability is at the core of Sensus. It is in the interest of our stakeholders that we ensure the continuity of our company by placing the wellness of people and planet as the keystone of our overall policy.

Together with our partners we work on environmental and agricultural sustainability. We make an appreciable contribution to society by providing ingredients for healthier food products.

We work together

Sensus wants to be the partner of choice. Guided by the Cosun principles, Sensus is ready to expand its influence beyond its own supply chains and to contribute to a better society. Together we want to work for a safe and inspiring place to work where people can prosper. We want to be a valuable business partner for all our stakeholders. With our innovative ingredients from natural origin, we will continue to contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

We take responsibility

Sensus is determined and excited to contribute to a better environment. We take responsibility for the environmental impact of our operations. We strive to reduce the carbon footprint of our supply chain and to eventually make our production processes fossil fuel emission neutral. We work hard to increase green energy and to manage our water usage. We strive to make maximum use of raw material.

We get the most out of crops

Sensus aims to fulfill their increasing raw material requirements in a sustainable way. We work together with our growers and agro business partners to increase the cultivation yield of chicory and to reduce transport of soil parts and use of chemical weed control. The chicory crop is a robust and efficient crop with a low nutrient need. Moreover, in the Sensus sourcing areas little to no irrigation is needed.

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